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Statement from DFSNZ CEO Graeme Steel re Jesse Ryder
Beware of supplements is the clear message which athletes must take from the case of cricketer Jesse Ryder. Athletes who do not take notice of the real dangers associated with supplement use run the risk of having their careers stopped in their tracks. While DFSNZ accepts the conclusion of the Sports Tribunal that Ryder was not intending to enhance performance he failed to heed clear warnings he had received. This is doubly disappointing as DFSNZ, NZ Cricket and the Cricket Player’s Association had collaborated to institute an education programme for first class cricketers and Ryder had been part of that programme. Supplements are a minefield for athletes as, while benefits are invariably overstated, accurate information about contents and their status under sport rules is frequently insufficient. For this reason DFSNZ can never guarantee the status of any supplement but it can provide information to assist athletes understand the risks in any particular case. Graeme Steel will be available to speak to media in person at the Novotel Hotel Auckland International Airport between 1.00 and 1.30pm. He will otherwise be unavailable before 4.00pm.
O’Grady, Durand admit to EPO use
Stuart O'Grady and Jacky Durand - both listed in the report on doping from the French Senate on Wednesday - have confessed to having used banned blood booster EPO during their careers.Read more....
WADA plans to target entourages behind drug cheats
Ten days after the athletics world was rocked by the news that former double world sprint champion Tyson Gay and former world 100 meters record holder Asafa Powell had failed doping tests, Fahey outlined WADA's proposed new and tougher code. Read more.....
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