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Wednesday - September 19th 2012

Recent News - The Steroid Problem and How to Fix it.

Sports and steroids seem to be going hand in hand these days. Just this past August two Major League Baseball players who were leading their teams to the playoffs tested positive for steroids and were suspended. Read more....
Friday - September 14th 2012

Recent News - Howman welcomes HGH test, talks Hamilton and UCI

World Anti-Doping Agency director-general David Howman has welcomed a new test for human growth hormone. The test was approved by WADA prior to the Olympic Games and was used to catch two athletes at the recent Paralympics. Read more...
Wednesday - September 12th 2012

Recent News - Interview with author Daniel Coyle on Tyler Hamilton’s book, The Secret Race

Last week, Bantam published The Secret Race Tyler Hamilton's autobiography of his time as a professional cyclist. I sat down for a phone interview with Hamilton's co-author, Daniel Coyle, to discuss the book. Read more....
Friday - September 7th 2012

Recent News - Hamilton’s book shows Armstrong as “a thoroughly disagreeable creature,”

Everything about his life was a flight from reality until he stared down the barrel of a Grand Jury summons that would have landed him in prison had he lied under oath. Read more....
Monday - September 3rd 2012

Recent News - Oscar Pistorius beaten, and then invites debate on someone else's technology

Talk about irony. Within minutes of being upset by Brazil's Alan Oliveira in the final of the men's T44 200m, Oscar Pistorius claimed in an interview that he's "not running a fair race here". Read more...
Sunday - September 2nd 2012

Recent News - Sports, lies and drugs...

In today's competent world, professional sport represents a multi-million-dollar industry due to the amount of money associated with winning. The margin between the first and the second place is so minute at the elite level that in reality, athletes and coaches are ready to sacrifice and risk a great deal in order to obtain a competitive edge and enhance performance at all costs. Read more...
Saturday - September 1st 2012

Recent News - Methylhexaneamine: What exactly is the drug?

It's never a good thing when methylhexaneamine is in the news. That's because it's banned by Major League Baseball and the World Anti-Doping Agency among other sports leagues. Read more...
Saturday - August 25th 2012

Recent News - The Role Of Hormones In Running

Not all hormones are created equal. It's virtually impossible to train seriously and not affect your hormone, or endocrine, system. But, armed with the idea of bumping up testosterone or HGH levels, some athletes try to mess around with that system - to dire consequences. Read more.... 
Wednesday - August 22nd 2012

Recent News - Jamaican newspaper columnist labels Dick Pound’s motives in criticizing drug testing in the country as “sinister”

The statement by Richard 'Dick' Pound to Reuters Television that Jamaican athletes belong to "one of the groups that is hard to test" surprised and confused me. Read more....
Sunday - August 19th 2012

Recent News - Ask the Doctor: How do steroids hurt an athlete's health?

QUESTION:With all the recent attention paid to athletes over illegal steroid drug use, I've been wondering what harm these drugs actually do. Can you explain? Read more....
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